Phenotypic characteristics of P. fluorescens strain SS101 and other Pseudomonas strains

StrainHaloaDrop collapsebFoamcSurface tension (mN m−1)dCessation of zoospore motilityeZoospore lysise
P. fluorescens SS101+g++29.7++
P. fluorescens SSB1770.5
P. fluorescens SV7+++54.0+
P. putida WCS358+++30.5
P. aeruginosa PAO1+++56.5
P. aeruginosa DSM1128+++49.5
  • a Halo formation on SW medium after 3 to 5 days of growth at 25°C.

  • b Cell suspensions (OD600 = 1) were tested on an oily surface for the ability to collapse a drop of water.

  • c Foam formation after cell suspensions (OD600 = 1) were vigorously shaken.

  • d Surface tensions of cell suspensions (OD600 = 1).

  • e Zoospore motility and lysis were observed microscopically after bacterial cell suspensions (OD600 = 1) were mixed with zoospore suspensions of P. ultimum var. sporangiiferum (104 zoospores ml−1) in a 1:1 (vol/vol) ratio.

  • f −, negative reaction.

  • g +, positive reaction.