Changes in the areas under lactic, formic, and acetic acid peaks and unknown peaks with RT = 15.3 (peak A) and RT = 17.0 (peak B) in single cultures of Pseudomonas sp. (CP), B. thermosphacta (CB), and S. putrefaciens (CS) and their mixed cultures MPB, MPS, MBS, and MPBS in gel cassette systems at 5°C

Cassette(s)Area under peaka at time (h):
Lactic acid (RT = 10.4)
Formic acid (RT = 11.3)
Acetic acid (RT = 12.4)
Peak A (RT = 15.2)
Peak B (RT = 17)
  • a Each sample value is the mean of two samples taken from different experiments (coefficient of variation of the mean of samples taken from different experiments of <5%). Each sample was analyzed in duplicate (coefficient of variation of samples from the same experiment of <0.65%). ND, not detected; NA, not analyzed; TR, trace amounts.