Identification of partial 18S rRNA gene sequences isolated from DGGE profiles

BandClosest relativeAccession no.Taxon% SimilaritySequencing result for indicated samplea
F1 Trebouxia jamesii Z68700 Chlorophyta 98× ××
F2 Talaromyces flavus M83262 Ascomycota 96× ××
F3 Trebouxia jamesii Z68705 Chlorophyta 99××× ×
F4 Trebouxia jamesii Z68700 Chlorophyta 99×× ×
F5 Glyphium elatum AF346419 Ascomycota 100 ×× ××
F7 Cenococcum geophilum L76615 Ascomycota 98 ×
F8 Glyphium elatum AF346419 Ascomycota 100 ×
F14 Eladia saccula AB031391 Ascomycota 98 ××
F15 Phoma herbarum AY293775 Ascomycota 98 ××
  • a Lightface crosses indicate weak bands in DGGE profiles; bold crosses indicate DGGE bands sequenced; double crosses indicate bands of strong intensity.