ST complex, ST, and allele distribution among C. jejuni and C. coli isolatesa

ST complexSTAllele(s)aSpeciesNo. of isolates
aspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncAHumanCattle yr 2003cPoultry yr 2003c
Yr 1996Yr 2002bYr 2003c
ST-21212113215C. jejuni11
5021123215C. jejuni611 (4)33 (25)5
5321213215C. jejuni4
4512123235C. jejuni11
88321723215C. jejuni113
1943211322265C. jejuni1
1948271123215C. jejuni1
194921532255C. jejuni1
195221123115C. jejuni1
1969223423215C. jejuni11
ST-22221364333C. jejuni10
194719464333C. jejuni2
1966136432763C. jejuni1 (1)
ST-4511487104171C. jejuni32 (1)
4547104171C. jejuni2331 (8)31 (27)222
137471044271C. jejuni38 (3)6 (2)
230474144271C. jejuni39 (6)
334474044271C. jejuni1 (1)
5384710442251C. jejuni4 (2)
5834710442511C. jejuni1
1003874412571C. jejuni2
13261047104171C. jejuni2
19444710432071C. jejuni3
1950471974171C. jejuni1
195847414427177C. jejuni1 (1)
1964471434171C. jejuni1 (1)
19714233104171C. jejuni1
19734710266171C. jejuni1
ST-48482412715C. jejuni5 (3)
475241419625C. jejuni21 (1)1
91824141915C. jejuni1
ST-52529252102236C. jejuni11 (1)11
ST-616114226317C. jejuni2
ST-206206221537215C. jejuni
4622153215C. jejuni1
1226452215C. jejuni1
2272452215C. jejuni1
57262452215C. jejuni1
ST-25782492221156C. jejuni1
ST-2832832740442511C. jejuni
2674740442511C. jejuni21
3834712442511C. jejuni1
ST-353353717521036C. jejuni1
1953717228631C. jejuni1
ST-446446475551011688C. jejuni
450475551011488C. jejuni1
ST-5745747532101133C. jejuni
3059532101133C. jejuni1
ST-607607825531131C. jejuni
1716825621151C. jejuni1
1915825531136C. jejuni1
Yr 1996Yr 2002bYr 2003c
ST-65865824241936C. jejuni1 (1)
1395142418536C. jejuni1
196721982319686C. jejuni2 (2)
ST-677677108150991207652C. jejuni1211 (8)5 (5)
794108150871207652C. jejuni43 (3)2 (1)1
ST-692692375257261272923C. jejuni
19543710641311272923C. jejuni1
ST-828828333930821044317C. coli
854333830821044317C. coli2
1156333930791046417C. coli1
14133338308210411717C. coli1
1585333930821894317C. coli1
16253339308210447139C. coli1
1946533930821044417C. coli1
1957333965791043517C. coli1
196515923630781044317C. coli1 (1)
ST-10341034261464742523C. jejuni
1951261464321723C. jejuni1
19562594271282523C. jejuni1 (1)
ST-128712878410629287413690C. jejuni
945841062928136135C. jejuni1 (1)2 (2)
ST-13321332212928582558C. jejuni1
Unassigned5819242320261615C. jejuni5
58612424985834C. jejuni1
1080102107137120761C. jejuni11
13671011950126171194112C. jejuni2 (1)
1525259427128723C. jejuni1 (1)
1759711251011676C. jejuni2
194577842264106128C. jejuni1
195518235721001161036C. jejuni1
1959272221043198616C. jejuni1
1960161332210413410916C. jejuni1
196176221659814626916C. jejuni1
19625517221491258351C. jejuni1
19637251022371C. jejuni1 (1)
19683339307911347178C. coli1 (1)
197037297548126523C. jejuni1
197277156211671C. jejuni1
197416084272671135C. jejuni1
  • a Alleles and STs first described in this study are shown in boldface type.

  • b Numbers in parentheses are numbers of isolates included in the epidemiological case-control study conducted during the seasonal peak in 2002 by Schönberg-Norio et al. (19, 20).

  • c All isolates from cattle and poultry were collected during the seasonal peak from July to September, as were numbers of isolates given in parentheses for isolates collected from humans in 2003.