Significant associations between ST or ST complex and epidemiological variablesa

VariableNo. of positive cases/total no. of casesbAssociation (no. of positive cases/total no. of cases)bP value(s)
Hospitalization26/46New and unassigned STs (0/4)0.030
Swimming in natural bodies of water18/46New and unassigned STs (4/4)0.019
Eating pork chops15/36ST-45 complex (0/6)0.030
Eating minced pork meat19/36ST-45 complex (5/16)0.042
Eating or tasting raw minced meat2/38ST-48 complex (2/3)0.004
Eating boiled or otherwise cooked fish21/42ST-45 complex (1/8)0.045
Eating soft cheese15/40ST-137 (3/3)0.046
Drinking from a dug well12/45ST-677 complex (0/11)0.023
Drinking nonchlorinated water from a small water plant6/45ST-677 complex (4/11)0.025
Drinking water from natural sources7/45ST-677 complex (4/11)0.050
Contact with a dog23/44ST-677 complex (2/10), ST-45 complex (7/8)0.031, 0.048
Contact with a cat14/38ST-45 complex (10/18)0.042
  • a From the case-control study conducted by Schönberg-Norio et al. (19, 20).

  • b Number of positive responses out of all responses to the variable in question.