Concentrations of excreted CYN and 7-epi-CYN in different Oscillatoria strains as determined by ELISA and LC-MS2e

Oscillatoria strainOrigin (yr of sampling)Toxin concn (μg/ml) determined by:aRatio of concn determined by ELISA/concn determined by LC-MS2cyrJ PCR amplificationbAnatoxin-a producerc
ELISA for CYN (mean ± SD)LC-MS2d
PCC 6407Freshwater, California (1964)0.64 ± 0.420.420.133.2++
PCC 6506Unknown1.12 ± 0.030.690.282.5++
PCC 6602Freshwater, California (1966)NDNDNDND
PCC 7926fBrackish water, Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, Finland (1978)0.39 ±
PCC 10702Tarn river, Les Vignes, France (2006)0.83 ± 0.200.500.172.9++
  • a Measured in the culture medium after 11 weeks.

  • b Presence (+) or absence (−) of a PCR product using specific primers to amplify an internal part of the cyrJ gene from genomic DNA of the strain.

  • c Data previously reported (6).

  • d The standard deviation was estimated to be ±10% for the LC-MS2 analyses.

  • e ND, not detected.

  • f For this strain we determined the metabolites using lyophilized cells rather than culture medium.