Virulence factors and acid resistance of STEC strains

StrainSerotypeOriginPresence ofa:Shiga toxin productionb% Survival after acid challenge forc:Reference
eaestx1stx22 h20 h
ANR 245A1Ont:H8Raw milk cheeseNPPP974143
ANR V1O166:H28EnvironmentNNPP944444
ANR V10O11:H43EnvironmentNPNP834644
ANR 415AO6:H10Raw milk cheeseNPPP854743
ANR 42AO6:H1Raw milk cheeseNPPP3043
ANR 418AO6:H10Raw milk cheeseNPPP14043
ANR 346AO174:H8Raw milk cheesePPPP28043
ANR 360BO6:H1Raw milk cheeseNPPP4043
  • a P, positive as determined by PCR; N, negative as determined by PCR.

  • b P, Shiga toxin produced as determined by verocytotoxicity.

  • c The acid challenge experiment was performed as described in Materials and Methods.