Seasonal distribution of the total density of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in oysters, water temperature, and salinity in the southern coastal area of Sao Paulo state, Brazil

VariableSeasonNo. of samplesMeanaSDRange
Vibrio parahaemolyticusWinter352.44 A1.06<0.48-4.38
    density (log10Spring293.26 B1.171.04-5.04
    MPN/g)Summer243.47 B0.751.54-5.04
Fall353.48 B1.011.04-5.04
Temp (°C)Winter3520.1 A1.914.4-24.0
Spring2923.6 B1.820.0-26.0
Summer2426.7 C1.424.1-29.2
Fall3523.9 B2.220.6-28.3
Salinity (ppt)Winter3522.3 A4.512.2-29.8
Spring2920.2 AB4.411.2-29.4
Summer2418.2 B4.35.3-25.2
Fall3521.8 A3.98.7-28.2
  • a Values with different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05).