Details of bacteria recovered from feces/tissue and AE lesions in histological sections of ligated spiral colon loops inoculated with 1 × 109 CFU/ml E. coli O26 bacteria and the control O157 strain

Loop no.StrainSerotypeNo. of bacteria recovered from loops (CFU/ml)IHCb result
1EC417/02O26:K602.46E+10Small AE lesions
2EC460/02O26:K1.40E+9No AE lesions
3EC740/01O26:K601.20E+11No classical AE lesions, few bacteria attached
4EC746/01O26:K608.60E+10Good AE lesion directly above FAEa
5NCTC12900O157:H72.40E+10No AE lesions
6NCTC12900O157:H75.75E+10No AE lesions
  • a Follicle-associated epithelium.

  • b Immunohistochemistry.