Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant property(ies)Source or reference
    DH5αthi-1 recA hsdR17 lacBRL Life Technologies
    MC4100araD139 Δ(argF-lac) U169 rpsL150 relA flbB5301 ptsF25 deoC1R. Hengge-Aronis
    BL21 (DE3)High-level expression using T7 RNAG. Anderluh
    polymerase-based expression systems
    AB1133Sensitive to all colicinsB. Bachman
    UL98hlyA cnf1 usp iroN iucD fyuA fimH traT26
    Apr Tcr Nalr Cmr Kmr Str
    UL114K1 iucD iroN fyuA usp traT Apr Cipr26
    UL31hly cnf1 papC papG sfa/foc iucD iroN usp Cmr Nalr26
    UL173K5 iroN iucD fimH traT Apr Sxtr Cipr26
    pColK-K235Wild-type plasmid18
    pUC19Apr cloning vector36
    pBR322Apr Tcr cloning vector3
    pET8cApr expression vector25