Results of multivariate tests of significance on interactions of strains, viruses, and predator on abundance of bacterial strainsa

Variable(s)FSignificance (P)
Bacterial strain95.178<0.00001
Concentrated virus10.827<0.00001
Strain + virus4.156<0.00001
Strain + concentrated virus3.8040.00004
Virus + concentrated virus0.8930.47365
Strain + predator42.634<0.00001
Virus + predator4.3170.00386
Concentrated virus + predator11.029<0.00001
Strain + virus + concentrated virus1.0020.44954
Strain + virus + predator3.4800.00014
Strain + concentrated virus + predator4.671<0.00001
Virus + concentrated virus + predator1.6560.17183
Strain + virus + concentrated virus + predator1.1860.29746
  • a Shown are the results of multivariate tests of significance (repeated-measures ANOVA) on interactions of strains, the presence of live viruses or live concentrated viruses, and the presence of the predator on the abundance of the bacterial strains (B4, D5, and FL) in the treatments tested between t28 (the experimental manipulation) and t85. See the experimental design in Fig. 2 for details. The bacterial strains (B4, D5, and FL), the presence of live viruses in two concentrations, and the presence of the flagellate predator (Poterioochromonas sp.) were independent variables in the statistical analysis. Significant relationships (P < 0.05) are in boldface.