RAMS and fecal E. coli O157:H7 parameters for pens of cattle with or without supersheddersa

ParameterLower quartileMedianMeanUpper quartileMaximumP value
RAMS prevalence (%)110197.4229.0261578330.0002
Fecal prevalence (%)7.40113.7145.0197.452220.0001
RAMS count (log10 CFU/g)2.6703.333.003.282.414.063.755.276.180.08
Fecal count (log10 CFU/g)2.8203.032.692.882.083.333.395.025.190.08
Cumulative count (log10 CFU/g)6.0209.062.9111.24.4414.937.5644.2819.290.0002
  • a The results for supershedder-present pens exclude supershedder data (i.e., they represent copenned cattle only). P values were derived from Wilcoxon rank sum tests. SS+, with supershedders; SS−, without supershedders.