H. volcanii strains used

StrainGenotypeaSource or referenceb
H98ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB3
H133ΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB ΔhdrB3
H989ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB {p.tnaA::6×His tag pyrE2+ hdrB+}H98 pTA963
H1045ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB {p.tnaA::6×His tag::radA+ pyrE2+ hdrB+}H98 pTA1041
H1154ΔpyrE2-pitANphH26 (pTA1106)
H1155ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANphH98 (pTA1106)
H1172ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph {p.tnaA::6×His tag pyrE2+ hdrB+}H1155 pTA963
H1173ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph {p.tnaA::6×His tag::radA+ pyrE2+ hdrB+}H1155 pTA1041
H1174ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph {p.tnaA::6×His tag::radB+ pyrE2+ hdrB+}H1155 pTA1043
H1206ΔpyrE2 ΔmrrH26 (pTA1150)
H1207ΔpyrE2 pitANph ΔmrrH1154 (pTA1150)
H1208ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB ΔmrrH98 (pTA1150)
H1209ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph ΔmrrH1155 (pTA1150)
H1227ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph Δmrr {p.tnaA::6×His tag::radA(A196V) pyrE2+ hdrB+}H1209 pTA1182
H1228ΔpyrE2 ΔhdrB pitANph Δmrr cdc48d+::[Δcdc48d pyrE2+]H1209 pTA1180c
WR755ΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB ΔhdrB pitA+::[ΔpitA pyrE2+]H133 pMM1231c
WR756ΔpyrE2 ΔtrpA ΔleuB ΔhdrB pitA+::[ΔpitA::hdrB+ pyrE2+]H133 pMM1232c
  • a Episomal plasmids are indicated by braces ({}); plasmids integrated on the chromosome are indicated by brackets ([]).

  • b Deletion constructs used successfully are indicated by parentheses.

  • c Pop-in strain from which a pop-out strain could not be obtained.