Effect of the sewage sludge activation process on the removal of viable human enteropathogensa

Wastewater plantPathogen speciesPathogen concn in:Removal efficiency (%)
Collooney Cryptosporidium parvum/ C. hominis 32011065.6
Giardia lamblia 1,1004396.1
Enterocytozoon bieneusi 2451394.7
Encephalitozoon intestinalis 47589.4
Strandhill Cryptosporidium parvum/ C. hominis 43588.4
Giardia lamblia 540399.4
Enterocytozoon bieneusi 31583.9
Grange Cryptosporidium parvum/ C. hominis 6506490.2
Giardia lamblia 89011487.2
Enterocytozoon bieneusi 2473386.7
Encephalitozoon intestinalis 54394.4
Keadue Cryptosporidium parvum/ C. hominis 0*0
Giardia lamblia 1,540*5
Enterocytozoon bieneusi 371*0
  • a The concentrations of enteropathogens in activated sewage sludge (in cells/liter) during the activation process and in the corresponding sewage sludge cake samples (in cells/kg) were compared. AcSS, activated sewage sludge; SSC, sewage sludge cake; *, final effluent from wetland filtration treatment.