Diameters of zones of growth inhibition in disk diffusion tests of isolates with several antibioticsa

IsolateDiam (mm) of zone of growth inhibition on disk with:
Amikacin (30)Kanamycin (30)Oxacillin (1)Neomycin (10)Gentamicin (10)
Wild type15 (R)15-16 (I)16 (R)13-14 (R)17 (R)
118 (I)182116 (R)21
215-16 (R)16 (I)1814 (R)17 (R)
318 (I)2022-231720
418 (I)201816 (R)20
515 (R)17 (I)16 (R)15 (R)17 (R)
618 (I)191917-1921
717 (I)191816 (R)20
82020-222416 (R)21
916 (I)17 (I)22-2514 (R)17 (R)
1018 (I)192017-1820
1117 (I)162415 (R)22
1215 (R)16 (I)1915-16 (R)17 (R)
1315 (R)16 (I)1913-15 (R)17 (R)
1418 (I)19191721
1516-17 (I)182116 (R)20
1615-16 (R)16-18 (I)1914 (R)17 (R)
1715 (R)16 (I)1814 (R)18 (R)
1815 (R)17 (I)22-2613-14 (R)17 (R)
1916 (I)17 (I)23-251717 (R)
2015 (R)18-191813 (R)17 (R)
  • a R, resistant; I, intermediate. Numbers in parentheses after the names of the antibiotics are concentrations (μg ml−1) on the disk.