Kinetics of ammonia oxidation and oxygen uptake

StrainAmmonia (NH4+)aOxygenReference
Km (μM)Vmax (μmol per mg protein per h)Km (μM)Vmax (μmol per mg protein per h)
    AR enrichment culture0.61 (0.02)b14c2.01 (0.45)b11.4cThis study
    “Ca. Nitrosopumilus martimus” SCM10.13 (0.04)d243.90 (0.6)d22.552
    Nitrosomonas europaea C-31 (ATCC 25978)1,30036186129This study
    Nitrosomonas europaea ATCC 19718530122NDND52
    Activated sludge59NDe15.6ND32
  • a The values are given for NH4+ and NH3.

  • b The numbers in parentheses indicate the standard deviations from triplicate experiments.

  • c We assumed that protein content per cell of AOA in AR culture equals that of “Ca. Nitrosopumilus maritimus” (52).

  • d Data from a study by Martens-Habbena et al. (52).

  • e ND, not determined.