Average allelic and nucleotidic diversity

LocusFragment size (bp)No. of allelesMean G+C content (%)No. of polymorphic sitesbNucleotide diversitycdN/dSd
gyrb6111940.788 (11)0.0060.077
g6pd5511841.295 (19)0.0080.275
pgm5311541.414 (6)0.0020.431
dnaE6651938.930 (11)0.0090.243
purK537 (1,397)a2742.2122 (37)0.0100.196
rpoB5981043.4103 (14)0.0360.062
recP5923745.8148 (43)0.0290.148
  • a Length of purK locus with the insertion sequence.

  • b The number of informative sites is in parentheses.

  • c Represented in number of nucleotide substitutions per nucleotide site.

  • d Representing the ratio of nonsynonymous to synonymous mutations.