P. chrysosporium genes encoding putative oxidoreductases upregulated >2-fold in BMA medium relative to glucose medium or matched to MS/MS-derived peptide sequencesa

Phanerochaete chrysosporiumPostia placenta
ModelPutative functionSignal (log2) in:RatioP valueModelAllellePairwise alignmentSignal (log2) in:RatioP value
11098 Cellobiose dehydrogenase12.3015.619.93<0.001None
138350Acetoin dehydrogenase8.8210.834.01<0.00188413110831751,0358.378.330.970.521
41616Aldo/keto reductase10.3711.932.960.00406None
147Cytochrome b562 + CBM112.2213.622.64<0.001None
10221Alcohol dehydrogenase10.7312.112.600.01050None
10957Peroxidase LiPA9.5810.922.540.02240None
121806Peroxidase LiPH10.9512.202.380.00352None
1139FRE-like iron reductase12.6513.882.350.00331130043130030366359.9010.171.200.0349
126879 Alcohol oxidase*13.7714.741.970.02011872312984188309011.7614.446.43<0.001
124398 Catalase*14.2414.901.590.00411472012316973200514.2714.331.040.526
140211 Formate dehydrogenase*13.0413.531.410.110119730None85162812.6514.172.86<0.001
6270Oxidoreductase (GMC)*9.8010.161.290.184None
  • a To identify conserved sequences, the 12,438 P. placenta protein models represented on microarrays were aligned with all 10,048 v2 P. chrysosporium protein models using Timelogic harware (Active Motif, Carlsbad, CA) with accelerated double affine Smith-Waterman alignments. Scores, percent identities, and related alignment parameters for all genes are listed in Table S1 of the supplemental material. Normalized microarray data are presented as the average log2 signal strength of three fully replicated experiments. Array-wide averaged signals (± standard deviations) for P. chrysosporium and P. placenta were 11.6 (1.6) and 10.9 (1.7), respectively. Significant accumulation (ratio) of transcripts in BMA relative to glucose (Glu) cultures was determined using the moderated t test (48) and associated false detection rates (4). Data are ranked according to the ratio, from highest to lowest. Underlined P. chrysosporium models correspond to genes with >50 cDNA tags in medium containing powdered oak (43). *, gene model whose proteins were identified in BMA filtrates by MS/MS. Table S1 in the supplemental material provides a summary of these data, and the complete MS/MS results are provided in Table S2.