Gene expression summary for P. chrysosporium and P. placenta after 5 days of growth in medium containing ball-milled aspen as sole carbon source

FeatureNo. of genes identified
P. chrysosporiumP. placenta
Gene modelsa10,04817,173 (12,227)
Microarray target genes10,00412,438
Proteins by LC-MS/MS7367
Transcript and/or extracellular proteins accumulating in aspen culturesb
    Glycoside hydrolases3333
  • a Based on gene predictions previously described (36, 37, 53). The parenthetical number refers to the predicted number of unique alleles within the parental dikaryon strain of P. placenta.

  • b Number of genes whose transcripts accumulated >2-fold (P < .001) and/or whose predicted peptides were identified with Mascot scores of >40.