Loss of acn and icd and retention of leuCD and leuB is widespread among nutritional insect endosymbiontsa

Obligate insect endosymbiontMbGenBank accession no.Presence of gene:
Baumannia cicadellinicola HC0.69NC_007984
Blattabacterium sp. BGE0.64NC_013454++++
Blattabacterium sp. BPLAN0.64NC_013418++
Buchnera aphidicola APS0.64NC_002528++
Buchnera aphidicola BP0.62NC_004545++
Buchnera aphidicola CC0.42NC_008513++
Buchnera aphidicola SG0.64NC_004061++
Candidatus Azobacteroides pseudotrichonymphae”1.11NC_011565++
Candidatus Blochmannia floridanus”0.71NC_005061++
Candidatus Blochmannia pennsylvanicus”0.79NC_007292++
Candidatus Carsonella ruddii PV”0.16NC_008512++
Candidatus Hodgkinia cicadicola DSEM”0.14NC_012960
Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” GWSS0.25NC_010118++
Candidatus Sulcia muelleri” SMDSEM0.28NC_013123++
Wigglesworthia glossinidia0.70NC_004344
  • a Endosymbionts with completely sequenced genomes were queried with orthologous proteins from closely related organisms using the blastp program.