Statistically significant correlations between gene presence and measured environmental variables for selected clusters of genesa

Gene cluster or genePredicted functiondParameter (gene presence)eCoefficientP valueNo. of strains per indicated cladef
VC0198 to VC0203Iron(III) transportWater temp (−)−0.3100.035061030
VC0790 to VC0801Citrate transport and fermentationSalinity (−)−3.7230.0111613150
VC0919 to VC0923Exopolysaccharide biosynthesisWater temp (+)0.4000.017201156
Silicate (−)−0.0100.0376
VC1280 to VC1286PTS system, chitosanWater temp (−)−0.6160.002361300
VC1394 to VC1403ChemotaxisWater temp (−)−0.2870.054911100
VC1405 to VC1413bChemotaxisWater temp (−)−0.6160.002361300
VC1583 to VC1587cSuperoxide dismutaseWater temp (+)0.3020.029902136
VC1773 to VC1784Sialic acid assimilationMonth (−)−0.6740.02201830
VC1820 to VC1827PTS system, fructoseWater temp (+)0.3310.025960156
VC1952ChitinaseWater temp (−)−0.4680.006161040
VCA0667 to VCA0673cSodium/solute symporterWater temp (−)−0.5470.005761000
VCA0822 to VCA0825Ectoine biosynthesisAmmonium (−)−2.4880.0065613130
VCA0991 to VCA0993Glutaredoxin IITurbidity (+)−25.1460.006125106
VCA1102 to VCA1111Mixed functionsAmmonium (−)−6.0940.022261360
  • a Statistically significant correlations (P < 0.05) between gene presence and measured environmental variables for selected clusters of genes as determined by logistic regression.

  • b Deletion does not span the VC1407 gene.

  • c No probes for the genes VC1586, VCA0668, VCA0670, and VCA0672.

  • d Primary annotated functions of contiguous genes from the TIGR database.

  • e Log transformations were used to normalize salinity and ammonium data, and inverse transformations were used to normalize turbidity data. Polarity of association with gene presence is indicated by a positive (+) or negative (−) change in the parameter.

  • f Number of strains in each clade for which the gene cluster was called positive for the gene presence, out of 6 strains for clade A, 13 for clade B, 16 for clade C, and 6 for clade D.