General land use information for sites within the South Nation watershed

SiteObservational distance upstream of sample site (km)a% of land surveyedb% of land use typec
AgricultureDeveloped landNatural lands
South Nation River
Little Castor River
Butternut Creek
Castor River, MST-411.82533214
Payne River, MST-635.675611723
Rural drainage ditch
  • a Distance of land use survey, beginning at the sample site location to a variable distance upstream.

  • b Surveyed land as a percentage of the total catchment area upstream of the sample site.

  • c Observations of land use were recorded within a limited area contributing to the MST sites as points. Land use observations were made progressively upstream of the MST sites but not for the entire MST region due to the large extent of the contributing area (one exception was MST-15). These areas are subregions of the total MST basin(s). Within the extent of this subregion, the land use observations stored as points in the Geographic Information Systems software ArcMap 9.1 were converted to Thiessen polygons (areas). Percentages of agriculture, developed, and natural lands were then summed in these subregions. Agricultural land is land cropped, under pasture, forage, abandoned farmland, farm headquarters, and/or other structures associated with farming. Developed land is inhabited land not devoted to agriculture (commercial, residential). Natural lands are forested, shrubland, exposed rock, and wetlands.