Agriculture-related fecal sources associated with the surveyed land

SiteDairy operationsaCattle barnsaPoultry barnsaHog barnsaHorse barnsaDirect access of livestock to waterb
South Nation River
Little Castor River
Butternut Creek
Castor River, MST-4520011
Payne River, MST-6281610232
Rural drainage ditch
  • a Numbers of observations within surveyed regions upstream of the MST site (see Table 2 for an explanation of what is considered a surveyed region). During the land use survey, a unique spatial location was recorded for every dairy operation (barn) or cattle, poultry, hog, or horse barn observed. The fields where cattle had access to water were attributed a point within their boundary and stored like all other observations. These spatial locations of dairy, cattle, poultry, hog, and horse barns and points of livestock access to water within the contributing area for each MST basin were summed for comparative analysis.

  • b Direct access of livestock to water represents the number of locations within the observational distance which have the potential for livestock to directly access the waterway.