PTS, NAG uptake, and chitobiase activity for bacterial isolates

IsolateaPTSbNAG uptake (amol cell−1 h−1)Chitobiase activity (amol cell−1 h−1)Chitobiase/NAG uptake
BB2AT1 (α)NDc7.3142
BBFL1 (α)+23.84,355183
Km1 (CFB)+12.02,553213
F3 (CFB)ND(0.03)29967
TW6 (γ)+52.54,13479
LHAT4 (γ)+23.46,950297
S-5 (γ)+19.810,375524
SB3 (γ)+14.015,8491,132
V. cholerae (γ)+15.313,581888
JSL 12-2 (γ)+0.5487974
LHFL1 (γ)0.0231
SWAT1 (γ)(0.04)0
  • a α, α-Proteobacteria; γ, γ-Proteobacteria; CFB, Cytophaga-Flavobacterium-Bacteroides.

  • b PTS assays were performed in experiments separate from the NAG uptake at chitobiase activity experiment. Standard deviations were always below 10%.

  • c ND, not determined.