Adjusted r2 and percent improvement of r2 from forward stepwise linear regressions of bacterial abundance with physicochemical parameters

Probear2 and % improvement for:
Water tempNitrate concnbDissolved-O2 concnTidal height
EUB3380.7200.804 (9.2%)NScNS
Vib/Pho0.537NS0.583 (7.9%)NS
Vvul0.419NSNS0.509 (17.7%)
Vcho/mim0.509NSNS0.672 (24.3%)
  • a EUB338 detects Bacteria; GAM detects γ-Proteobacteria; Vib/Pho detects Vibrio-Photobacterium; Vvul detects V. vulnificus; Vcho/mim detects V. cholerae-V. mimicus; Vcinc detects V. cincinnatiensis.

  • b Nitrate concentration was negatively correlated with abundance, while water temperature, dissolved-O2 concentration, and tidal height were positively correlated with abundance.

  • c NS, not significant at 0.05; salinity, orthophosphate, ammonium, and turbidity did not significantly improve the regression line for any of the probes.