16S rDNA sequences most closely related to those of the major bacterial populations detected by PCR-DGGE

DGGE band (accession no.)Most closely related sequence (accession no.)% Sequence identity
BSO1 (AB080091)Flavobacterium xanthum (AF030380)97
BSO2 (AB080092)Alcanivorax borkumensis (Y12579)100
BSO3 (AB080093)Cycloclasticus pugetii PS-1 (L34955)100
BSO4 (AB080094)Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus (X67022)100
BSO5 (AB080095)Sphingomonas subarctica KF1 (X94102)100
BSO6 (AB080096)Sphingomonas subarctica KF1 (X94102)99
BSO7 (AB080097)Flavobacterium xanthum (AF030380)97
BSO8 (AB080098)Alcanivorax borkumensis (Y12579)100
BSO9 (AB080099)Cycloclasticus pugetii PS-1 (L34955)100
BSO10 (AB080100)Aeromonas popoffii LMG 17543 (AJ223181)91
BSS1 (AB080101)Uncultured marine eubacterium MBE4 (AF191755)98
BSS2 (AB080102)Uncultured Roseobacter strain NAC1-4 (AF245617)100
BSS3 (AB080103)Unidentified alpha-proteobacterium BD1-8 (AB015520)94
BSS4 (AB080104)Bdellovibrio sp. strain AQ (AF084855)94
BSS5 (AB080105)Uncultured bacterium NoosaAW93 (AF269026)89
BSS6 (AB080106)Uncultured Roseobacter strain NAC1-4 (AF245617)100
BSS7 (AB080107)Cycloclasticus pugetii PS-1 (U57920)100
BSS8 (AB080108)Alcanivorax borkumensis (Y12579)100
BSS9 (AB080109)Oceanospirillum sp. strain ME113 (AJ302700)98
BSS10 (AB080110)Uncultured Banisveld landfill bacterium BVB94a (AYO13660)98