Distribution of NAG uptake and facultative anaerobes in isolatesc

Phylogeny (total no. in group)ParameterUptake groupa (+)No-uptake groupa (−)
Firmicutes (2)NAG uptake11
% Fac. anae.c100100
CFB (18)NAG uptake171
% Fac. anae.650
α-Proteobacteria (13)NAG uptake76
% Fac. anae.1433
Oceanospirillumb (2)NAG uptake11
% Fac. anae.100100
Vibrionaceaeb (19)NAG uptake190
% Fac. anae.100
Alteromonadaceaeb (24)NAG uptake159
% Fac. anae.3333
    Total (78)NAG uptake6018
% Fac. anae.6339
  • a Groups defined on the basis of NAG uptake; see Materials and Methods.

  • b γ-Proteobacteria.

  • c For individual isolates, see Fig. 1. Fac. anae., facultative anaerobes.