Growth of vibrio isolates on different forms of chitin and GlcNAc

Organism (BLAST identity [%])aStrainchiA PCR resultbGrowth assay resultcReference or sourced
P. damselae (99)12H05+++37
P. kishitanii (95)14H04+++37
P. phosphoreum (96)14E11+++37
P. profundum (96)14G04+++37
P. profundum (99)7A02+37
V. aestuarianus (99)12C03++++37
V. alginolyticusPWH3a+++
V. alginolyticus (99)14C03++++37
V. alginolyticus (99)12G01++++37
V. anguillarumATCC 14181++++KB
V. calviensis (99)FALF182++++IBYC
V. cholerae0395++++JM
V. choleraeVO-146+++JM
V. cholerae (99)OP3D++++OP
V. cholerae (99)OP7F++++OP
V. cholerae 569BATCC 25870++++JM
V. cholerae E7946ATCC 55056++++JM
V. fischeri (98)14A09++++37
V. fischeri (98)14A08++37
V. fischeri (99)14C05++++37
V. fischeri (99)7H01+37
V. fortis (99)12F11++++37
V. furnissii (99)12F04++++37
V. halioticoli (97)7A03+37
V. halioticoli (97)7H03+37
V. halioticoli (98)1C10+37
V. halioticoli (99)1A06+37
V. halioticoli (99)1A07+JM
V. harveyiB392++++KB
V. hispanicus (98)FALF230+IBYC
V. ichthyoenteri (94)FALF124++++IBYC
V. lentus (98)12B10+++37
V. logeiATCC 35077+++KB
V. logei (99)7A08++37
V. metschnikovii (99)OP5F+++OP
V. mytili (98)1B04++++37
V. natriegensATCC 14048+++KB
V. neptunius (98)FALF109++++IBYC
V. ordaliiATCC 33509++++KB
V. ordalii (100)14C08++++37
V. orientalisATCC 33434++++KB
V. parahaemolyticusATCC 17802++++ATCC
V. parahaemolyticus (97)1A02+37
V. ponticus (97)12D02+++37
V. rumoiensis (95)1C01++37
V. shilonii (99)12F08++++37
Vibrio sp.MED222++++JP
V. splendidus (97)14F04+++37
V. splendidus (99)12B01++++37
V. splendidus biovar 2 (99)1C05+++37
V. tasmaniensis (98)13B08+++37
V. tubiashiiATCC 19105++++KB
V. vulnificus“kathy”++++KB
V. vulnificusATCC 27562++++ATCC
  • a Environmental isolates were named using the best BLAST (1) hit for the partial 16S rRNA gene.

  • b +, a PCR band of the correct size was amplified; −, two or more PCRs failed to amplify a band of the correct size.

  • c +, an optical density at 600 nm of >0.1 was reached by day 30; −, no observable growth on the chitin substrate.

  • d Type strains used to assay chitin growth and amplify chitinase A sequences were obtained from ATCC (American Type Culture Collection), JM (laboratory of John Mekalanos, Harvard Medical School), JP (laboratory of Jarone Pinhassi, Kalmar University), or KB (laboratory of Kathy Boetcher, University of Maine). Environmental isolates were obtained from a previous study (41), and new strains were isolated from the IBYC (Ipswich Bay Yacht Club, Ipswich, MA) and OP (Oyster Pond, Falmouth, MA) as described previously (41).