IAC multiplex qPCR performance characteristics and thresholds for monitoring inhibition

AssayIAC spike (copies)aRangeb%CV across rangeInhibition threshold range (CT)c
CowM2501-100 ng3.3935.41.31
CowM3501 ng
Btheta25100-4 × 103 cps7.0035.72.37
GB34225100-4 × 103 cps2.9733.61.24
Entero125100-200 cps1.8534.50.67
  • a Number of copies of IAC plasmid control DNA added to each multiplex qPCR setup.

  • b Span of competitor genomic DNA concentrations where accurate quantification of spiked IAC is possible.

  • c Expected CT value from an IAC spike in the absence of PCR inhibitors.