E. coli strains used in this study

StrainRelevant genotypeRelevant phenotypeReference
W3110Wild type (K-12 derivative)Intermediate copper resistant1
W3110(pPA173)pcoABCDRSE from plasmid pRJ1004Copper resistant5
GR5W3110 ΔcusCFBAaIntermediate copper resistant12
GR1W3110 ΔcueOaIntermediate copper sensitive12
EC949W3110 ΔcopAIntermediate copper sensitiveThis study
GR15W3110 ΔcusCFBA ΔcueOaIntermediate copper sensitive12
GR17W3110 ΔcusCFBA ΔcopA ΔcueOaCopper sensitive12
  • a Resistance cassette of the original strain was removed using plasmid pCP20 (7).