Additional microbes sampled for at Saybrook Place CSO

PathogenValue for sample (CFU/ml)a
Center of CSO (CSO01-SAY-092303)River water 10 ft from CSO (CSO02-SAY-092303)
Citrobacter freundii3,000NFb
Gram-negative rods resembling Enterobacter speciesNF4,000
Gram-variable rods resembling Myroides odoratusNF3,000
Rathayibacter/Rothia speciesNF10,000
Aeromonas ichthiosmia5,000NF
Enterobacter cloacaeNF2,000
Pantoea dispersa4,000NF
Kluyvera ascorbata3,000NF
Microbacterium lacticum3,000
Acinetobacter speciesNF3,000
Gram-variable rods2,0001,000
Gram-negative rods resembling Pantoea speciesNF2,000
Gram-positive rodsNF3,000
  • a Unless otherwise noted, the bacterial information was provided by EMSL.

  • b NF, not found.