Summary of available water monitoring data for Lower Passaic River

Data sourceTime period coveredSampling location(s)No. of samples collectedType of microbes evaluated (unit)aConcnNote(s)
USGSb1991 to 1997USGS site 1389880 (Passaic River at31Fecal coliform (colonies/100 ml)2,72592,000<200Data were also available for 1974 to 1981 but
    Elmwood Park; less than 1 mile upstream of Dundee Dam)Enterococcus (colonies/100 ml)3809,0005    were not included in this analysis
IEC2003 (6 days between 11Six sampling locations around Newark Bay36Fecal coliform (MPN/100 ml)6,57446,000230Samples collected during wet and dry
    August 2003 and 22 September    complex, including Passaic RiverTotal coliform (MPN/100 ml)25,774240,000230    conditions
    2003)Fecal Streptococcus (MPN/100 ml)2,98824,0004
Fecal Enterococcus (MPN/100 ml)2,76224,0003
Saybrook Place CSO2003 (September 23)Saybrook Place CSO (located within2Total coliform (CFU/100 ml)>30,000>30,000Results reported as TNTC
    Passaic River Study Area). First sampleFecal coliform (CFU/100 ml)>30,000>30,000Results reported as TNTC
    collected from CSO itself, second from surface water within 10 ft ofFecal Streptococcus and fecal Enterococcus (CFU/100 ml)>30,000>30,000Results reported as TNTC
    discharge point. Samples collected immediately after rainstormEscherichia coliPositivePositiveLaboratory results indicated that E. coli was clearly present, but it was not quantifiable because the other species were present in overwhelming numbers (5)
Giardia (cysts/liter)7981,860Based on two samples, one collected directly from discharging CSO (1,860 cysts/liter) and the other 10 ft downstream (798 cysts/liter)
PVSCc2000 to 2001Twelve stations sampled along Lower Passaic River (10 from bridges, two closest to Newark Bay from boat), two in Newark Bay (from boat), and two in Hackensack River (from boat)574Fecal coliform (bacteria/100 ml)1,120NAdNAMinimum and maximum values not presented in report
  • a The units CFU, MPN, colonies, and bacteria are used interchangeably.

  • b U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data are reported as geometric means.

  • c PVSC, Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners.

  • d NA, not available.