Microorganisms used in this study and amplification by PCR of the genes afcA and engBF

StrainOriginPCR producta
B. animalis IPLA4549bCulture collection
B. bifidum D119bHuman feces++
B. bifidum L22bHuman feces++
B. longum C51Human feces+
B. longum C61bHuman intestinal mucosa+
B. longum C72Human feces+
B. longum D12bHuman feces+
B. longum H64Human feces+
B. longum H92Human feces+
B. longum L23Human feces+
B. longum L43Human feces+
B. longum L44Human feces+
B. longum L45Human feces+
B. longum M14Human intestinal mucosa+
B. longum M25bHuman feces+
B. longum M44Human feces+
B. longum NCIMB8809bCulture collectionc+
B. pseudocatenulatum E114bHuman feces
B. pseudocatenulatum E514Human feces
B. pseudocatenulatum M115Human intestinal mucosa
B. pseudocatenulatum M63bHuman feces
B. breve NCIMB8807bCulture collectionc
  • a Positive amplification (+) indicates that the sequence of the PCR product is a homolog of that held in the NCBI database (accession numbers AY303700 and AY836679).

  • b Strain selected for mucin-degrading assays.

  • c NCIMB, National Collection of Industrial, Marine, and Food Bacteria.