Analysis of the frequency of genetic markers during the third round of must fermentations inoculated with tetrads from a sporulated culture of the yeasts from day 14 of the Mix-2 (G418R = 82%, SMRR = 10%, none = 8%) second-round fermentations of transgenic yeasts bearing the ime1Δ-linked G418R markera

Day of fermentationCFU/ml% of Mix-2 tetrads (T15 = 1.7, T100 = 18) with indicated phenotype
33.3 × 106395533
72.1 × 1074340310
111.9 × 1075026117
151.7 × 1075415025
  • a A total of 100 to 300 colonies were analyzed from each sample. The first sample was taken on the third day of fermentation because of the time needed for spore germination, mating, and yeast population growth. Phenotypes: G418R, resistant to G418; SMRR, resistant to smr; G418R SMRR, resistant to both G418 and smr; none, sensitive to both G418 and smr. The data are the mean values (percentages) of two independent experiments, and the standard errors were always <10% of the mean.