Geographic origin and number of bark samples from tree species belonging to the family Fagaceae investigated and number of Saccharomyces strains isolated from each tree species

SpeciesCountry(ies)aNo. of bark samplesNo. of yeast isolates
Quercus albaC51
Quercus cocciferaP1
Quercus dumosaUS4
Quercus fagineaP1410
Quercus garryanaC2411
Quercus ilexP106
Quercus palustrisP1
Quercus petraeaG1
Quercus pyrenaicaP1511
Quercus roburC, G262
Quercus rubraC, G, P11
Quercus suberP15
Castanea sativaP155
Fagus sylvaticaP, G53
  • a C, Canada; G, Germany; P, Portugal; US, United States.