List of Saccharomyces strains from CECT analyzed in the present studya

CECT strainAlternate namebOriginal epithetIsolation sourceCountry of originNew characterization
1384CBS 1636Type of S. diastaticusBrewer's wortIrelandS. cerevisiae
1387CBS 7372S. cerevisiaeDraft beerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
1388NCYC 447S. cerevisiaeDraft beerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
1462NCYC 963S. cerevisiaeBeerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
1463NCYC 102S. cerevisiaeBeerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
1971CBS 1395S. ellipsoideusBeerUnknownS. cerevisiae
1990DSMZ 1848S. cerevisiaeGöttinger Brauhaus AG beerGermanyS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
1991DSMZ 70411S. bayanusTurbid bottled beerGermanyS. bayanus
1995NCYC 1001S. cerevisiaeAle beerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
1996NCYC 1296S. pastorianusLager beerFranceS. bayanus-S. cerevisiae
1997NCYC 1305S. pastorianusLager beerUnited KingdomS. bayanus-S. cerevisiae
1998NCYC 1322S. cerevisiaeLager beerIrelandS. bayanus-S. cerevisiae
1999NCYC 1323S. cerevisiaeLager beerAustraliaS. bayanus-S. cerevisiae
11000MUCL 20463S. cerevisiaeBeerUnknownS. bayanus-S. cerevisiae
11001MUCL 20478S. cerevisiaeLager beerBelgiumS. cerevisiae
11002MUCL 20488S. cerevisiaeChimay Trappist beerBelgiumS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
11003MUCL 20489S. cerevisiaeOrval Trappist beerBelgiumS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
11004MUCL 20490S. cerevisiaeWestmalle Trappist beerBelgiumS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
11008NCYC 1025S. cerevisiaeAle beerUnited KingdomS: cerevisiae
11009NCYC 1140S. cerevisiaeStout beerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
11010NCYC 1309S. cerevisiaeAle beerUnited KingdomS. cerevisiae
11011NCYC 1379S. cerevisiaeWild yeast from breweryNew ZealandS. cerevisiae-S. kudriavzevii
11035CBS 380Type of S. bayanusTurbid beerDenmarkS. bayanus
11036CBS 381Type of S. willianusSpoiled beerJapanS. bayanus
  • a The new S. cerevisiae × S. kudriavzevii hybrids found in beer are shown in bold.

  • b Culture collections are abbreviated as follows: CBS, Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures, Utrecht, The Netherlands; DSMZ, German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, Braunschweig, Germany; MUCL, Mycotheque de l'Université Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium; NCYC, National Collection of Yeast Cultures, Norwich, United Kingdom.