Comparison of 13C NMR chemical shift values of fructans produced by lactic acid bacteria

Carbon atomLevanInulin
L. reuteri 121bL. mesenteroidesa,cS. mutans BHTdL. citreumeL. reuteri 121aL. johnsonii NCC 533
C-161.7 (59.6)a60.160.961.462.262.1 (62.2)a
C-2105.0 (104.0)a104.3103.2103.60104.2104.1 (104.2)a
C-378.1 (76.0)a76.577.077.578.978.3 (78.4)a
C-476.6 (74.9)a75.474.374.975.675.6 (75.6)a
C-581.2 (80.0)a80.581.181.882.182.2 (82.2)a
C-664.3 (63.2)a63.662.262.763.163.2 (63.1)a
  • a Chemical shift values for the fructans produced by recombinant enzymes.

  • b Reference 48.

  • c Reference 25.

  • d Reference 39.

  • e Reference 29.