Assignment of clones to different clades of Archaea and the number of positive data sets for each cladea

CladeDetection in total rumen contentsDetection in protozoan-associated archaea
Mean (%)Maximum (%)No. of data sets (n = 12)Mean (%)Maximum (%)No. of data sets (n = 5)
Methanomicrobium 14.985.6420.180.03
Methanimicrococcus 2.414.634.020.01
M. gottschalkii 33.681.21042.998.63
M. smithii 0.10.810NDc0
M. ruminantium 27.360.01012.562.61
M. wolinii
Other Methanobrevibacterb0.55.610.62.91
Methanosphaera 3.726.851.94.04
Methanobacterium 0.22.910.41.12
Crenarchaeota 0.22.910ND0
  • a The clades are illustrated in Fig. 1. n, number of data sets (see Table 1).

  • b Not a phylogenetically coherent clade.

  • c ND, not detected in any data set.