Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant characteristicsReference or source
    E. coli
        DH5α λpirCloning strainLab strain
        WM3064Conjugation strain; DAP auxotroph used for plasmid transferLab strain
    D. magneticus
        AK80Nonmotile mutant of D. magneticus strain RS-1, referred to as wild type51
        AK267ΔMAI ΔuppThis study
        AK268ΔuppThis study
        AK270ΔkupM::strABThis study
    pBMK7Conjugative vector with pBG1 and pMB1 replicons; Kanr53
    pBMC7Conjugative vector with pBG1 and pMB1 replicons; Cmr53
    pBMS6Cloning vector; source of strAB; Strr53
    pLR6pBMK7 with PmamA in HindIII-SalI; source of Pnpt; Kanr20
    pLR41pLR6 with PmamA-kupM in SalI; Kanr20
    pAK0Cloning vector, source of sacB; Kanr10
    pAK914pLR6 with sacB in SalI-XbaI; KanrThis study
    pAK920pBMC7 with Pnpt-strAB inserted into SacI site; Cmr StrrThis study
    pAK941pAK914 with cassette of 1,064 bp upstream and 1,057 bp downstream of kupM flanking Pnpt-strAB in XbaI; Kanr StrrThis study
    pAK1126pAK914 with cassette of 991 bp upstream and 1,012 bp downstream of upp in XbaI-SacI; KanrThis study
    pAK1127pAK914 with Pupp-upp in BamHI-SacI; KanrThis study