Kinetic parameters of saturated fatty alcohol (C9–18) and fatty acid (C9–18) conversions by CYP505D6a

SubstrateKm (μM)kcat (min−1)kcat/Km (min−1 μM−1)
Fatty alcohol
    C9 nonanol3,8002506.6 × 10−2
    C10 decanol1,1002202.0 × 10−3
    C11 undecanol4203100.74
    C12 dodecanol3503501.0
    C13 tridecanol1203703.1
    C14 tetradecanol2045023
    C15 pentadecanol1049049
    C16 hexadecanol1851028
    C17 heptadecanol1534023
    C18 octadecanol1933017
Fatty acid
    C9 nonanoic acid4,5002004.4 × 10−2
    C10 decanoic acid1,4002300.16
    C11 undecanoic acid6102300.38
    C12 dodecanoic acid4502500.56
    C13 tridecanoic acid2303101.4
    C14 tetradecanoic acid653204.9
    C15 pentadecanoic acid3039013
    C16 hexadecanoic acid383308.7
    C17 heptadecanoic acid362807.8
    C18 octadecanoic acid282609.3
  • a Data are presented as mean values from three independent experiments. The standard errors were <11%.