Description and obtained results for Achromobacter sp. isolates recovered from domestic environment samplesa

Sample IDRoomIsolation sourceAchromobacter speciesST/MLSTAssociated bacteria identified by MALDI-TOF
P2-20BathroomRight sink siphon waterA. aegrifaciens350A. radiobacter, P. nitroreducens
A. aegrifaciens350
P2-97GardenInside water hose swabA. animicus360Bordetella sp., Pseudomonas sp.
P2-101Plant (+roots)A. spanius352
Achromobacter gen. 9351
P2-106Flowerpot soilA. mucicolens353A. radiobacter
P5-11KitchenSink siphon waterA. marplatensis354Ochrobactrum sp.
P5-56Bathroom 1Washing machine evacuationA. mucicolens355Bordetella sp., S. maltophilia, Ochrobactrum sp.
P5-58Bath matA. spanius356
P5-50Bathroom 21st-flush sink waterA. xylosoxidans175*A. radiobacter
P5-64OtherTumble dryer reservoirA. xylosoxidans175*
P5-71Floor cloth bucket waterA. xylosoxidans175*O. anthropi, O. grignonense, Ochrobactrum sp.
A. xylosoxidans169*
P5-72Floor clothA. xylosoxidans175*Ochrobactrum sp.
P5-74GardenVegetable garden soilA. mucicolens357
A. mucicolens358
P12-26KitchenWashing machine evacuationA. aegrifaciens143*Bordetella sp., O. anthropi, A. radiobacter
P12-49BathroomShower siphon waterA. mucicolens359P. nitroreducens, Pseudomonas sp., Ochrobactrum sp.
P12-61Toothbrush glassA. mucicolens349A. radiobacter
A. mucicolens349
A. mucicolens349
  • a Sample identification (ID) is composed of the patient number followed by the sample number. *, ST already described in PubMLST database. gen., genogroup; A., Agrobacterium/Rhizobium; P., Pseudomonas; S., Stenotrophomonas; O., Ochrobactrum.