Metabolic responses to the tetracycline experiments

RAST categoryB. lactis straina:
Annotated genesbΔISO_4ΔLOG_8ΔLOG_32Annotated genescΔISO_4ΔLOG_8ΔLOG_32
Amino acids and derivatives200117132420011171118
Cell division and cell cycle2412241
Cell wall and capsule564162562172
Cofactors, etc.80112187611213
DNA metabolism5627455373
Dormancy and sporulation111
Fatty acids, lipids, and isoprenoids34616345616
Iron acquisition and metabolism00
Membrane transport31104163110414
Metabolism of aromatic compounds33
Motility and chemotaxis511215112
Nitrogen metabolism883
Nucleosides and nucleotides675667281
Transposable elements, etc.00
Phosphorus metabolism2472416
Potassium metabolism111261123
Protein metabolism17613041764126
Regulation and cell signaling12116111113
RNA metabolism6311663114
Secondary metabolism2212
Stress response3013154311156
Sulfur metabolism182127183128
Virulence, disease, and defense281334282342
Not in subsystem8673127103122219286872121134108234289
  • a The numbers of genes in each metabolic category that are significantly upregulated (↑) or downregulated (↓) are shown by strain and by results of each experiment compared to those of the control experiment (ISO_0).

  • b Total number of genes annotated by RAST in the B. lactis Bl-04 genome.

  • c Total number of genes annotated by RAST in the B. lactis HN019 genome.