Diversity indices with 97% or 90% similarity cutoffs for comammox amoA gene sequencesa

Sample nameCutoff
No. of OTUsChao1ShannonNo. of OTUsChao1Shannon
Dry land soil821603.0036662.43
Coal mine soil64993.1741592.08
Landfill soil1412244.4469813.79
Paddy soil851393.8937462.96
Plateau soil1441875.3350604.18
Forest soil56992.5430932.04
Tidal flat sediment1281845.0364844.20
Saltmarsh sediment1171484.2566733.83
Coastal sediment761443.5541533.06
River sediment1392254.7673903.83
Lake sediment1112112.8149652.22
Anaerobic sludge511811.9326591.66
Tap water50752.4427341.48
Coastal water501072.7828432.22
River water1622434.8761843.86
Lake water54902.6931611.97
Leaf surface781523.40381142.84
  • a Amplified with partial nested PCR in different environmental samples after the read numbers were rarified to 1,900 for each sample.