Baranyi model parameter estimates for growth curve data of Salmonella Newport in TSB, TSBpel, TSBMg, and TSBpelMga

Treatmentln CFU/ml ± SE for:RMSEResidual SDAIC
Ymaxμmax (SE)λ
TSB19.14 ± 1.30 A3.03 ± 0.28 A1.68 ± 0.67 A0.830.6321.49
TSBpel13.96 ± 1.30 B1.81 ± 0.28 B3.03 ± 0.67 AB4.463.4143.40
TSBMg18.10 ± 1.30 AB1.23 ± 0.28 B6.61 ± 0.67 C3.142.3739.75
TSBpelMg14.88 ± 1.30 B1.32 ± 0.28 B4.19 ± 0.67 B0.930.7022.49
  • a TSBpel, TSB amended with pelargonic acid; TSBMg, TSB supplemented with Mg; TSBpelMg, TSB amended with pelargonic acid supplemented with Mg. Data were generated with USDA IPMP 2013 (25, 26). Parameter estimates are Ymax, maximum population density; μmax, maximum growth rate; λ = h0/μmax, lag-phase duration. Different letters denote statistically significant differences among treatments at a P value of <0.05. The performance of the model was further assessed using the statistical parameters of the root mean square error (RMSE), the residual standard deviation (standard deviation of errors), and the Akaike information criterion (AIC).