Differentially expressed genes associated with outer membrane permeability and efflux

GeneGene productlogFC of:
C (P20) vs C (P0)B (P20) vs C (P20)B (P20)-PR vs C (P20)-PR
tolCOuter membrane protein1.14–1.22ns
ompAOuter membrane protein Ansa–1.35ns
ompCOuter membrane protein Cns–1.85ns
ompFOuter membrane protein Fns–2.18–1.70
ompGOuter membrane protein Gns3.02ns
ompLOuter membrane protein Lns3.40ns
ompNOuter membrane protein Nns3.13ns
ompTOuter membrane protein Tns–1.62–1.38
ompROuter membrane protein R0.93–0.89-0.86
ompXOuter membrane protein Xns–1.88ns
ompWOuter membrane protein Wns–2.19–2.29
acrAMultidrug efflux pump subunit1.44–1.04ns
acrDAminoglycoside efflux pumpns0.920.84
mdtEMultidrug resistance protein2.464.133.24
mdtFMultidrug resistance protein1.321.920.97
mdtJMultidrug resistance protein1.50nsns
mdtGMultidrug resistance proteinns1.63ns
mdtLMultidrug resistance proteinns2.13ns
mdtMMultidrug resistance proteinns2.05ns
mdtNMultidrug resistance protein3.164.40ns
mdtOMultidrug resistance protein2.553.992.78
mdtPMultidrug resistance protein2.513.662.46
mdtQMultidrug resistance protein2.583.51ns
yhiDPutative magnesium transporter2.483.242.72
yhiJPutative uncharacterized protein3.133.882.93
yhiMInner membrane protein2.383.392.37
yhiLPutative uncharacterized protein3.564.373.83
yhiSPutative uncharacterized protein3.904.883.95
  • a See the footnotes to Table 2.