Differentially expressed genes associated with electron transporta

GeneGene productlogFC ofb:
C (P20) vs C (P0)B (P20) vs C (P20)B (P20)-PR vs C (P20)-PR
cyoACytochrome o oxidase subunit a4.96–3.90–3.81
cyoBCytochrome o oxidase subunit b4.27–3.54–2.68
cyoCCytochrome o oxidase subunit c4.53–3.87–2.82
cyoDCytochrome o oxidase subunit d3.50–2.68–3.81
cyoECytochrome o oxidase subunit e3.42–3.46–3.41
fdoHFormate dehydrogenase-O iron-sulfur subunit3.81–2.39–2.12
fdoIFormate dehydrogenase cytochrome b556 subunit2.72–3.44–3.09
fdoGFormate dehydrogenase-O major subunit4.18–3.69–3.55
nuoANADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit A2.36–2.49–1.89
nuoBNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit B3.25–2.92–2.21
nuoCNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit C3.08–2.68–2.30
nuoENADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit E3.21–2.51–2.26
nuoFNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit F3.16–2.69–2.09
nuoGNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit G3.20–3.13–2.56
nuoHNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit H2.72–2.81–2.21
nuoINADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit I2.70–2.61–1.92
nuoJNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit J2.24–2.23–1.90
nuoKNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit K2.27nsc–2.25
nuoLNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit L2.05ns–1.71
nuoMNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit M2.66–1.91–2.20
nuoNNADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit N1.80–2.21–1.44
  • a Differentially expressed genes in Escherichia coli after repeated passage in a BAC-free environment [C (P20) to C (P0)] and BAC medium at 100 ng/liter [B (P20) to C (P20) and B (P20)-PR to C (P20)-PR]. Data represent three biological repeats.

  • b logFC, log fold change.

  • c ns, no significant change.