Strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotypeaNote (reference)Source
    SD100WT KazusaWild type, amotile (81)Gift from Willem Vermaas lab
    SD500WT ParisWild type, motile (81)Pasteur Cyanobacterial Collection
    SD515Paris sll1581::Kmr-sacBwza mutantThis study
    SD517Kazusa sll1581::Kmr-sacBwza mutantThis study
    SD519Kazusa slr0162-slr0163::Kmr-sacBpilC mutantThis study
    SD520Paris slr0162-slr0163::Kmr-sacBpilC mutantThis study
    SD522Paris sll1951::Kmr-sacBS-layer mutantThis study
    SD523Kazusa sll1951r::Kmr-sacBS-layer mutantThis study
    SD546Kazusa sll0923::Kmr-sacBwzc mutantThis study
    SD577Kazusa slr0162-slr0163::Kmr-sacB pΨ552pilC mutant with extrachromosomal pilCThis study
    pGEM 3ZpUC18 derivativeCloning vectorPromega Corporation
    pΨ540sll1581 up::Kmr-sacB::sll1581 downSuicide vector for constructing SD515 and SD517This study
    pΨ541slr0162-slr0163 up::Kmr-sacB::slr0162-slr0163 downSuicide vector for constructing SD519 and SD520This study
    pΨ543sll1951 up::Kmr-sacB::sll1951 downSuicide vector for constructing SD522 and SD523This study
    pΨ546sll0923 up::Kmr-sacB::sll0923 downSuicide vector for constructing SD546This study
    pΨ552slr0162-slr0163Expression vector for pilCThis study
    pΨ568RSF1010 derivativeExpression vectorGift from Soo-Young Wanda
    pPSBA2KSpSL1180 derivative (Pharmacia Biotech)Source of Kmr-sacB markers (106)Gift from Willem Vermaas lab
  • a “Up” and “down” refer to regions flanking the gene of interest targeted for replacement (upstream and downstream, respectively; see Materials and Methods).