Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidaCharacteristicsbSource or referencec
    E. coli EC1000Derivative of E. coli MC1000 in which repA is integrated in the chromosome85
    L. reuteri
        VPL1014Human breast milk isolateLab stock
        VPL4090Mutant lacking both active phages and attB sites, lytic host55
        VPL4121Mutant lacking both active phages, restored attB sites, LRΔΦ1ΔΦ255
        VPL4224Rifr mutant generated with oVPL236 for mutation in rpoB gene (H488R)55
        VPL4243Derived from VPL4224, mutations introduced in thyA (Y38*, Q39S, M40L) with oVPL1670This work
    L. rhamnosus
        ATCC 53103Human fecal isolateATCC
        VPL4141Rifr natural mutant isolated from MRS medium-Rif25 plateThis work
    L. casei BFLM218Human fecal isolate35
    L. fermentum ATCC 14931Fermented beet isolateATCC
    L. plantarum
        ATCC BAA-793Human saliva isolateATCC
        VPL4142Rifr natural mutant isolated from MRS medium-Rif25 plateThis work
    L. salivarius CCUG 47825Human blood isolateCCUG (86)
    L. gasseri ATCC 33323Human intestinal isolateATCC
    Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris
        NZ9000Dairy starter, derivative of MG1363, pepN::nisRK87
        VPL4005Rifr mutant generated with oVPL234 for mutation in rpoB gene (H486N)This work
    L. jensenii ATCC 25258Human vaginal isolateATCC
    L. acidophilus ATCC 4356Human isolateATCC
    pVPL2042Emr, pNZ8048 derivative; the Cmr marker was replaced by an Emr markerLab stock
    pVPL3583pJP028 vector control (pCtl)This work
    pVPL3585pJP028 derivative, pNZ-EFTu-SP-LeptinThis work
    pVPL3752pJP028 derivative, pJP-EFTu-SP-Leptin-3×FLAGThis work
    pVPL3791pJP028 derivative lacking the signal peptide, pNZ-EFTu-LeptinThis work
    pVPL3795pJP028 derivative, pJP-EFTu-Leptin-3×FLAGThis work
    pVPL31131pJP028 derivative, pJP-EFTu-Leptin-ThyAThis work
    pVPL31134pJP028 derivative, pCtl-ThyAThis work
  • a VPL, van Pijkeren Laboratory strain identification number; pVPL, van Pijkeren Laboratory plasmid identification number.

  • b repA, gene for replication initiation protein; attB, phage insertion site; Emr, erythromycin resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant; Rifr, rifampin resistant; Rif25, rifampin at 25 μg/ml; rpoB, gene encoding β subunit of RNA polymerase, homolog of LAR_1402 in L. reuteri JCM1112; thyA, gene encoding thymidylate synthase, homolog of LAR_0739 in L. reuteri JCM1112. An asterisk (*) indicates a stop codon. The locus tags listed can be found at

  • c ATCC, American Type Culture Collection.