Plasmids and strains used in this study

Plasmid or strainDescriptionReference or source
    pHT315-gfpContains the gfp-mut1 coding sequence between the XbaI and HindIII restriction sites of plasmid pHT31566
    pHT304-18ΩmCherry-gfpContains a ribosome binding site and mCherry (optimized for Bacillus spp.) and gfp coding sequencesGift from M. Gohar and L. Slamti
    pHT315-PcshAgfpFluorescent reporter plasmid construct for cshA transcriptional activityThis study
    pHT304-18ΩPabrBmCherry-gfpFluorescent reporter plasmid construct for abrB transcriptional activityThis study
B. cereus strains
    ATCC 14579Wild type67
    ATCC 10876Wild type68
    MM3Wild type69
    ATCC 14579-PcshAgfpATCC 14579 carrying pHT315-PcshAgfpThis study
    ATCC 10876-PcshAgfpATCC 10876 carrying pHT315-PcshAgfpThis study
    MM3-PcshAgfpMM3 carrying pHT315-PcshAgfpThis study
    ATCC 14579-PabrBmCherryATCC 14579 carrying pHT304-18ΩPabrBmCherryThis study
    ATCC 10876-PabrBmCherryATCC 10876 carrying pHT304-18ΩPabrBmCherryThis study
    MM3-PabrBmCherryMM3 carrying pHT304-18ΩPabrBmCherryThis study