Comparative assessment of insecticidal proteins in insect feeding assays using susceptible and Vip3A-resistant fall armyworms, Spodoptera frugiperda

SampleS. frugiperda colonyaNo. of insectsbMean slope ± SELC50 (ng/cm2) (95% CI)cχ2dfdResistance ratioe
Cry1Da_7SS1,0231.85 ± 0.1812 (9–15)13.36261
Cry1B.868SS1,0213.69 ± 0.73262 (192–363)30.64261
Vip3A-RR1,0882.34 ± 0.1643 (37–49)16.7730−6.6
Vip3ASS1,0241.85 ± 0.21333 (237–475)83.03261
  • a SS, Vip3A-susceptible insect colony; Vip3A-RR, Vip3A-resistant insect colony.

  • b Total number of insects evaluated.

  • c CI, confidence interval.

  • d df, degree of freedom.

  • e Calculated from the LC50 of the Vip3A-RR colony divided by the LC50 of the SS colony.

  • f Assumes that LC50 for Vip3A in the Vip3A-RR colony is >31,600 ng/cm2 (31,600 ng/cm2 is the highest dose tested).